Vision of MOM For India:

Family development, national development, environment protection and management and social transformation to change the destiny of India are the main objectives of MOM For India.


Family Development:

Happiness, success and wealth in families can be achieved by converting all mothers as super mothers. This will ensure a family as a university of empowerment.

National Development:

MOM For India works to accomplish one of the dreams of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to make India a super power through intellectual upliftment of the youth, economic development in their lives and practicing the principle, “Be Indian; buy Indian!”.

Environment Protection and Management:

MOM For India will empower all mothers as responsible guardians of earth, who would modify their dwelling into clean, green, illustrious and environment friendly habitation preserving nature in its pristine forms.

MOM BIPL (Buy Indian Product League):

A world record contest of uniting millions of mothers to make India, a super power.
A unique world record initiative of inducing all the ladies to buy Indian food products, cosmetics, and consumer goods throughout three hundred sixty-five days and liberate their families from diseases.

Dr.Inspiring Ilango
Dr.Inspiring Ilango
Kumaraswamy Kannan
Kumaraswamy Kannan
Antony Yesu
Antony Yesu
Vice President – Project Management

An appeal to the mothers and patriots:

You need not give up your daily routine habits. Just select an Indian replacement for a foreign product! That is all. We are not against multinational companies. But we entreat all of you with an intention to protect the Indian economy to use only Indian products for the next one year! Each and every Indian product that you buy will pave way for the prosperity of the Indian economy. “Little drops of water make an ocean.”. This alone will save our country. Please support this endeavor of evolving India as a superpower by participating in this world record! Be prepared to win with your family! Leave your past; live your present and lead your future! Decide right now! We welcome all of you to become members of MOM For India.


Why is this world record?

We will never consume foreign products. We will never merchandise foreign products. We will be Indians and we will buy Indian products.

Rewards to the world record participants

All the participating ladies will get world record certificates. Hundred ladies purchasing maximum Indian products will be gifted with the following; car, bike, gold coin, tv, fridge, washing machine, laptop, smartphone, tours, and so on.

Why must a mother conjoin MOM For India?

  • All the mothers will be transformed as super mothers.
  • MOM For India will create an achieving platform of professional opportunities for the mothers and their children to bring out their incipient individual talents.
  • MOM For India will ensure peace and happiness in the families of all the participating women through customized trainings.
  • Some of the life skills training modules are child-rearing management, handling domestic violence, redeeming oneself and others from suicidal tendencies, functioning with equanimity and emotional intelligence, reinvigorating oneself, successful communication skills.
  • With the nurturing of MOM For India mothers can raise their children as ideal citizens and leaders of this nation.
  • MOM For India will enable all the mothers to unravel the secrets of sustained success, superior social status, surplus wealth, imperturbable intellect and lasting happiness and acquire all of them.
  • MOM For India will evolve mothers and their children as responsible citizens and guardians of the earth.
  • After assimilating the slogan, “food being the medication” mothers will make their families healthier.
  • Mothers will gain employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for prosperity and felicity of their families.
  • All the women united with MOM For India will receive world record certificates from Universal Achievers Book Of Records.
  • All the women trained by MOM For India will be certified as Luminary Ladies by Vision Inspiring Ilango Foundation.
  • Every mother will get twenty-five variety of botanical seeds to grow gardens at their homes.
  • These include therapeutic plants, air purifying plants, mosquito and other pestilent insect preventing plants, fruits and vegetables and Indian native spinaches.
  • MOM For India will aid the ladies and their families to benefit from all the welfare schemes of the central and state governments.
  • MOM For India will provide to all its members a singular family card, BIPL (Buy Indian Product League).
  • They can use this card to purchase qualitative healthy food items at discounted price throughout a year. World record contest;