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We invite to join MOM For India:
First time in the history of the world Movement Of Mothers For India is a world record initiative of converting millions of mothers as super mothers in order to bring about success and prosperity in their lives.

Welcome to the creative community with thousands of super mom.

Happiness, success and wealth in families can be achieved by converting all mothers as super mothers. This will ensure a family as a university of empowerment.
Family Development
MOM For India works to accomplish one of the dreams of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to make India a super power through intellectual upliftment of the youth, economic development in their lives and practicing the principle, “Be Indian; buy Indian!”.
National Development
MOM For India will empower all mothers as responsible guardians of earth, who would modify their dwelling into clean, green, illustrious and environment friendly habitation preserving nature in its pristine forms.
Environment Protection and Management

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